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Meet the masters who elevate barbering to an art form.

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Skillful hands of the legendary team of hairdressers

Georgiy Abjalimov

25 years of experience

"I've refined the art of classic barbering, delivering meticulously crafted haircuts, beard trims, invigorating facials, and relaxing hot towel shaves."

Nerya Begim

30 years of experience

"For 30 years, I've been perfecting the art of men's grooming, ensuring every haircut, beard trim, and facial leaves my clients feeling confident and looking their best."

Rafael Yushuvayev

12 years of experience

"Precision haircuts, expert beard care, rejuvenating facials, and traditional hot towel shaves - I offer a holistic grooming experience."

Christopher Salgado

28 years of experience

"With over two decades of experience, I've mastered the art of transforming looks. Precision haircuts, intricate beard designs - I'm committed to transforming your look."

Margaryta Kuzyk

30 years of experience

"I'm passionate about helping you achieve your hair goals, from fresh haircuts to vibrant color and restorative treatments, ensuring your hair goals are met."

David Penkhasov

20 years of experience

"20 years of providing the ultimate grooming experience for discerning clients, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best."

Oleksandra Tarasiuk

13 years of experience

"I'm passionate about creating timeless styles for both men and women. I can help you to express your unique personality through your hair."

Meir Hai Izhakov

10 years of experience

"I stay ahead of the curve with modern fades, sharp beard trims, and fresh styling techniques to keep your look on-point and fashion-forward."

Arsen Kaziyev

25 years of experience

"I'm dedicated to mastering the intricacies of men's grooming, creating sharp haircuts, well-groomed beards, invigorating facials, and the perfect hot towel shave."


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